Flexible Engagement

Strategic to tactical experience and expertise available to assist your organisation

Drive Intelligence

Build technical and security intelligence throughout the organisation

Mature Security

Accelerate your security initiatives to take you beyond the basics

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk by implementing controls sooner and responding to threats quicker

Education and Training

We provide training services that address both the technical and human elements of your organisation to ensure you’re operating in a secure environment.

Our education and training courses are distinct and designed to maximise employee security awareness, behaviour and culture. Our programs are tailored to your risk exposure profile and your specific security needs.

Our training programs are built by security consultants with decades of experience in information security, our knowledge set us apart. 

Our Capabilities

We provide as part of our education and training programs:

  • Instructor-led and distance-learning courses
  • Training programs built by security consultants and researchers with decades of experience
  • Realistic scenario based training content
  • Proven training methodology
  • Compliance based training content
  • Continuously upgraded syllabus and remodelled labs
  • Engaging supporting collateral
  • Both end-user and deep technical training courses

Our Services

Hackers execute attack strategies that exploit human vulnerabilities. Focus on improving the human factor with security awareness training

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We show you how to defend against cyber attacks of all levels of sophistication, up to and including APTs.

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