Deep Expertise

Deep security expertise, we understand attackers and how defend against them

Risk Prioritised

Risk-based objective evaluation of your controls, procedures and goals

Actionable Intelligence

Develop actionable insight and plans to guide your business

Risk and Threat

Our Risk & Threat services are a critical tool for understanding the threats to your critical assets, determining the level of risk these assets are exposed to and recommending the appropriate level of protection. Whenever you introduce new applications, systems or services to your environment then you should perform a risk and threat assessment.

Business Value

  • Improve organisations security posture by providing actionable recommendations
  • Identify vulnerabilities at the technical and organisational level
  • Align your security with business needs and best practices
  • Make informed decisions on how to manage risks, target spending, preventing impacts and manage risks
  • Implement a risk management approach for meeting compliance
  • Know where your data resides

Our Approach

A security and threat assessment is designed to evaluate the broad spectrum of your security controls against best practices and prominent security frameworks. We have a balance of expertise across both the risk and security domains. In general the goals of Risk Management are:


  • Elucidate both the quantitative and qualitative risk exposures to enable management to confirm an acceptable level of risk.
  • Ensure adequate controls are in place to maintain acceptable levels of risk.
  • Determine the appropriate level of capital to absorb losses associated with risks that do not lend themselves to controls.


During our the assessment we conduct a thorough and independent evaluation of your security controls and the safeguards you have in place to protect your networks, systems and data. We will start by identifying and categorising key information assets and processes. This includes not only physical but also intangible assets such as reputation and intellectual property. Next we complete a threat assessment to understand both the threats and technical and organisational vulnerabilities associated with these assets. We document the current controls and security processes and identify any additional security requirements per regulatory or industry standards. We will provide a prioritised list of threats, risks and identified countermeasures – providing a roadmap to the future. Additionally, a gap analysis comparing your organisation to leading practices.


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Our Risk and Threat Services

Security Risk Assessments serve as the foundation for a strategic approach to compliance while helping to create an effective long-term risk management program. A Security Risk Assessment can help you meet compliance obligations by prioritising both risk identification and risk mitigation for your key assets and systems, policies, procedures and controls

This assessment will help meet compliance requirements across industries. In particular:

  • Understand your risk posture and creating a risk baseline for compliance
  • Identify emerging threats
  • Review of effectiveness of controls
  • Help guide you on decisions for ROI, budget allocation, control selection and resource efficiency

Cloud computing has unique attributes that require a risk assessment that covers areas such as data integrity, recovery, privacy and regulatory compliance. Our Cloud Risk Assessment provides an analysis of your cloud security posture and a clear focus on data security and mapping of shared responsibilities.

This assessment will help you by:

  • Understand your risk posture and regulatory compliance
  • Identify emerging threats
  • Review of effectiveness of controls
  • Recommendations for remediation

We conduct an assessment of your current third-party risk program to identify gaps through on-site and remote interviews with key personnel and a documentation review.

At the conclusion of the assessment you will:

  • Understand the maturity of your program
  • Have recommendations to improve your existing program

We can conduct remote questionnaire based assessments or in-depth on-site assessments as needed. We evaluate the security practices of your third-parties to determine if they meet your security requirements, industry standards or regulations.

At the conclusion of the assessment you will:

  • Understand the risk posture and regulatory compliance of your third-party providers