Flexible Engagement

Strategic to tactical experience and expertise available to assist your organisation

Drive Intelligence

Build technical and security intelligence throughout the organisation

Mature Security

Accelerate your security initiatives to take you beyond the basics

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk by implementing controls sooner and responding to threats quicker

Security Awareness

Hackers execute attack strategies that exploit human vulnerabilities. Focus on improving the human factor with security awareness training. Make sure all of your employees are protecting your business

Business Value

  • Demonstrate your organisations commitment to information security
  • Contributes toward better operational risk management
  • Provides a permanent, comprehensive, measurable, global approach imparts a homogenous level of knowledge
  • Reduces internal human risks that could cause important financial losses
  • Offers cutting-edge content based on real-world scenarios and current issues

Course Detail

Your employees are your most critical line of defence when it comes to protecting your network, environment and the data within it. Research consistently demonstrates that an ongoing program of security education, training and awareness significantly reduces the risk of a data breach, and should a data breach actually occur the damages incurred are significantly smaller.


Social engineering, spear phishing, drive-by-downloads and watering holes are just some of the attack strategies that your employees face on day-to-day basis. Help them recognise and avoid threats while ensuring that your business information, including sensitive customer data is continuously secure.


A security awareness program is also a cornerstone of every major compliance framework. If compliance factors into your business in any way, then putting security awareness training in place should be one of your first steps.

Course Highlights

Topics Covered:

  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Security and Data Destruction
  • Data Privacy and PII
  • Email, Phishing and Messaging
  • Encryption
  • Hacked! Now What
  • Identity Theft
  • Insider Threat
  • International Travel
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Passwords
  • Physical Security
  • Protecting Your Home Network
  • Protecting Your Children Online
  • Protecting Your Personal Computer
  • Senior Leadership
  • Social Engineering
  • Web Security
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Working Remotely
  • Workpace Security