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Security Defender

We show you how to defend against cyber attacks of all levels of sophistication, up to and including APTs. Security Defender is an exercise driven training course that will guide you through attacking a real network step by step, so that you can gain a thorough understanding of the attacker’s mindset and capabilities. We teach you techniques that will help you to defend your network against attacks of all levels of sophistication.

Business Value

  • Helps to ensure your network is resilient to an attack, even against the most advanced threats
  • Reduces the number and severity of the vulnerabilities that are introduced into the network
  • Increases your organisations overall understanding of security, reducing time and cost of remediation
  • Stimulates a positive attitude and an understanding of the importance of security within the operations teams
  • Offers cutting-edge content based on real-world scenarios and current issues

Course Detail

This course is delivered by experience security professionals, who perform penetration tests and APT attack simulations on daily basis. We focus on teaching offensive security techniques, so that you can fully understand the capabilities of modern attackers and how to defend against them.

This is a practical, exercise driven course. We will teach you the core principles by attacking our simulated network, allowing you to gain practical real world experience. In addition, we will teach you how to implement robust security that really works, not just configuring firewalls and setting strong passwords.

Please note that this is a technical course aimed primarily at those who are responsible for deploying and managing operations infrastructure.

You don’t need any prior security knowledge, as we cover the basics on the way to advanced topics. Will need to know Unix and Windows basics, such as setting an IP address, installing software, copying, moving, deleting and reading files. In addition, you will need to understand networking fundamentals such as the difference between TCP and UDP, the format of an IP address, subnetting / CIDR notation and be familiar with some common protocols such as ICMP, HTTP, DNS and SNMP.

Course Highlights

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how modern attackers can bypass current perimeter security controls and break into an internal network
  • See how is possible to gain full control over a fully patched Windows 2012 domain
  • Learn about security weaknesses in the common flavours of Unix
  • Learn how to build a secure network that can withstand an attack