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Join the team at Logic Bounce and develop your professional career and passion for cybersecurity. We believe the surest way to run out of new ideas is to hold too tightly onto old ones.

To solve complex security problems requires unique skill sets. There is a direct relationship between our ability to achieve excellence and the overall caliber of our team. As a result we actively search for those that share a passion for security and technical excellence with the intensity, grit and drive that are catalysts for delivery to our clients. However, just as important as our teams technical chops is our ability to communicate to our clients in a clear and understandable way. Its essential that we can find bugs, breach systems and own networks, but also explain to our clients how it was done in order for the right fixes to be made.

If you think you’ve got what it takes then explore our current vacancies below.

Why Work Here?

Work Your Passion

Working at Logic Bounce means the chance to develop your professional career and passion for cybersecurity in an innovate environment. You will learn a lot here, fast. We give people the scope to immerse themselves in their specialisation or to undertake a broader path. We continually invest in our people, helping them gain recognised industry qualifications.

Spend 25% Of Your Time Doing Your Own Research

Logic Bounce is a research powered company, the ideal place to learn and become the best. You can spend up to 25% of your time doing your own research, surrounded and supported by really smart people.

Your research will be published on the Logic Bounce Labs site and if its really good, you can tell the world about it, by attending and speaking at industry security conferences.

Working for Logic Bounce Is Seriously Fun

Our employees like being around one another, we have no room for jerks. This employee engagement translates into clients selecting us because they like doing business with us.

Working for Logic Bounce is exciting – seriously fun. Every week brings fresh challenges and we make sure our offices are relaxed and informal. We have regular hackathons and weekly VulHunts to look for bugs in whatever interests us.

Our Culture

Culture is a shared set of beliefs, values and practices. Our culture comes to life through the actions and behaviours we practice everyday. We believe greatness starts from inside and we structure ourselves in the same way, by connecting with people and partners who believe the same thing we do. The effect is that anyone who comes into contact will us will recognise our high standards of work.

We select people for their independent and critical thinking and we don’t draw boundaries based on job descriptions. We provide an informal work atmosphere and give latitude in the way they do their work. We foster an “orientated towards action” culture where people have the freedom to act and engage without waiting to be directed.

We build trust. We are open, honest, diligent and respectful with everybody. We conduct our business with the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions. We encourage direct feedback and informed opinions.

We measure, monitor, analyse and improve productivity, processes and ourselves to satisfy clients and to be better than yesterday. We work with enthusiasm and intellect and are driven to surpass what has already been achieved. We are not afraid to stand alone.

Execution and attention to detail is everything at Logic Bounce. Doing things at less than 100% is not our way. But flawless execution is a team sport. Focused communication is essential between the client and between our teams. This quality of execution is inherent in everything we do and communicate.

We foster a culture of effective teamwork. We hire carefully examining your values and cultural fit. We believe passion trumps experience and education; you  must embrace problems and challenges that you have never encountered before. You must enjoy being outside your comfort zone. You must be agile, flexible and responsive.

Current Vacancies

Business Development Manager – Insight

Region: Asia

Location: Remote

Full- Time

Security Engineer – Security Testing

Region: Asia

Location: Remote

Full- Time

Security Consultant – Incident Response and Forensics

Region: Europe

Location: London, UK

Full- Time

Security Consultant – Insight

Region: Europe

Location: London, UK or Remote

Full- Time

Security Researcher – Threat Defence Unit

Region: Asia

Location: Taiwan

Full- Time