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The Threat Defence Unit (TDU) within Logic Bounce is a group of elite security experts dedicated to identifying, analysing, and developing countermeasures to the constant flow of threats and vulnerabilities. 

Our researchers analyse threat data across our global client base and actively monitor the cyber threat landscape to provide a unified view of emerging threats, zero-day vulnerabilities and the evolving tactics, techniques and procedures of advanced threat actors. For security leaders and professionals, threat intelligence is actionable information that gives you early warning to cyber threats. Intelligence seeks to collect relevant information wherever it can be found; analysing and synthesising it into meaningful knowledge on which you can act. In today’s cyber threat landscape, intelligence can alert you to new and emerging global threats that may affect your operations. Intelligence can also help you identify actors who may be targeting your organisation such as with Advanced Persistent Threats, providing the insights to help you prepare or take action.

Creating threat intelligence that is meaningful and actionable requires specialised expertise, knowledge, and tools that go well beyond simple alerts and content searches. Experts must know where to look for information that maybe tucked away in the dimmer areas of the Internet and hacker communities, to construct an overall picture from a thousand disparate puzzle pieces of data. 

The Threat Defence Unit’s primary objective is to protect your information and operations from today’s most advanced security threats, by applying its research and threat intelligence into all aspects of our security solutions. We protect and support our clients during complex incident response engagements, and drive innovation to enhance Logic Bounce’s capabilities to protect and resist, detect and contain and respond and adapt to threats. Our researchers and security consultants are highly versed in the practices and nuances of intelligence formulation. With diverse backgrounds encompassing private security, military and intelligence experience, and combined with the understanding of how your business works, our security experts can deliver the visibility into threats and the actors behind them you need to protect your organisation.

Our Capabilities

Researchers conduct vulnerability analysis, malware analysis and threat research to develop countermeasures to protect our clients. The TDU research team performs extensive testing of new countermeasures prior to distribution into client environments and actively manages the lifecycle of countermeasures to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Our research team shares its research and intelligence with the broader organisation, in order to enable our Insight Assessment and Advisory practice and security analyst teams to better understand and effectively address the threats our clients face. 

Our Threat Defence Unit – Special Operations personnel offer guidance and assistance during complex Incident Response & Recovery engagements when the circumstances and complexity of the incident dictate their involvement. In addition to security advisories sent exclusively to our clients, the TDU researchers will occasionally issue public security advisories. This includes advisories on vulnerabilities and threats uncovered by TDU research.

The TDU research team provides specialised support to clients as a premium offering. This allows our clients to engage directly with the TDU research team for custom research.

The TDU malware analysis team reverse engineers malware to keep abreast of current threats and to assist our clients in their incident response process. We identify the capabilities, methods and targets of malware and assist in creating countermeasures, identifying Command and Control servers and protocols, exfiltrated data, and the relationships between various samples and attack campaigns.

Although our incident response practice addresses and eradicates cybersecurity incidents, clients are increasingly interested in discovering threat vectors and hostile actors before they become successful. Our Threat Defence Unit – Special Operations team supplements our incident responders by applying advanced persistent threat-focused research, calling upon a variety of forensic data and developing coordinated countermeasures for clients. Unlike traditional penetration testing, Breach Insight does more than search for vulnerabilities in the network, but applies innovative solutions and targeted intelligence to discover actual indicators of compromise and implement solutions in advance of an incident.

The TDU research team monitors for developing trends and emerging threats that may affect clients. Our research team prides itself on delivering actionable guidance that assesses true threats organisations face and practical guidance to overcome them.

The TDU actively monitors for new vulnerabilities across vendors, assesses their significance, and communicates this information to our clients. The TDU research team is focused on delivering information to clients that is concise and actionable so they can quickly and effectively address the risk posed by these vulnerabilities.