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Strategy & Risk

We help organisations review and evaluate their existing security programs, provide guidance and best practice on the development of their security strategy and to understand the threats to your critical assets, determining the level of risk these assets are exposed to and recommending the appropriate level of protection. Organisations need to have fully functional security and risk management programs that are aligned with business goals in order to respond appropriately to the changing security landscape. Our focus is to help you identify the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities associated with deploying new strategies, programs and services. Our solutions include:

Strategy – A set of strategic services that give you the knowledge and insight to build competencies that drive your business.

Governance – Assess the maturity of your programs against best practices and identify ways you can strengthen them.

Risk and Threat – Understanding your organisation’s risk and threat exposure and get expert advise on how to address it.

Controls & Compliance

Our Controls and Compliance portfolio is designed to go beyond helping organisations check a compliance box or follow a standard approach to framework alignment. Our consultants assess and guide remediation of compliance gaps and assure that your organisation is focusing on relevance of controls, time and budget on areas that add the most value or reduce risk. Our consultants assess and guide remediation of compliance gaps and assure that your organisation is focusing on relevance of controls, time and budget on areas that add the most value or reduce risk. Consequently, your organisation not only meets regulations, but exceeds them, thereby simplifying management and control processes to minimise deviations and redundancies. Our solutions include:

ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance Services – Help companies achieve the internationally recognised certifiable standard in information security management

New privacy laws and incidents of privacy violations, identity theft and personal information mismanagement have increased regulatory and consumer pressure to prevent disclosure or compromise of personally identifiable and sensitive information. The business impacts of failure – on both long-term relationships and value – have elevated the issues of privacy, security and information risk management to the board and senior executive level at many companies. Addressing privacy issues on a global, basis and in a consistent and cost-effective manner is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s global economy.

Data Protection & Privacy

We analyses the risks related to existing and potential data processing operations and develops custom-made privacy and data protection solutions for an entire organisation and its products and services. We assist your organisation with the development of a privacy and data protection program for a product line, branch or an entire organisation. This includes, for example, the mapping of data processes and data locations and the classification of data. It also includes data security, access control and data retention as well as staff privacy training, privacy risk assessments and the creation of data transfer rules. Our solutions include

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Services – We help you identify gaps in your information security measures necessary for GDPR compliance and to get your security operations and processes ready for the GDPR, our consultants and GDPR practitioners can help you across five GDPR-specific streams of work.

  • GDPR Maturity Assessment
  • GDPR Program Development
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Program Assurance
  • Virtual Data Protection Officer

Security Testing

Vulnerability Discovery – Identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities in your system. Using tools, we find weaknesses, evaluate the severity and recommend mitigation.

Attack and Penetration Testing – We deliver bespoke threat and security testing engagements that deliver measurable improvements to security.

Red Team Attack Simulation – Mimic the tactics, techniques and procedures of threat actors to measure the capacity to protect, detect and respond.

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Architecture and Engineering

Implementing complex security solutions necessary to protect and defend a business against the constantly evolving security threats is increasingly difficult. Its not enough to consider the architecture from purely an information technology perspective. This will result in missing core structural security elements needed to support the evolving technology infrastructure, emerging regulations and ever increasing threats.

We offer deep and diverse skills, significant expertise in testing and deploying nearly any technology and an ability to select the right solution for your environment. We believe in leveraging both existing and emerging security technologies to build an adaptive security architecture. We start with prevention fundamentals and then move towards enhancing your visibility, detection and response capabilities. We implement architectures which:

  • Resist & Prevent – Harden and isolate systems to reduce attack surface; deploy isolation techniques like interface obfuscating; integrated threat intelligence.
  • Detect & Contain – Detect incidents quickly; confirm and prioritise risk by correlating indicators of compromise; contain incidents using threat isolation platforms
  • Respond & Adapt – Use forensics to scope breach; generate new preventative measures to avoid future incidents; remediate by using security orchestration
  • Enrich & Evolve – Proactively assess exposure to threats; attacks become predicted; continuous enhancement of prevention and detection capabilities

Managed Security

Challenged with fighting new threat adversaries or looking to meet compliance and security initiatives while meeting budget demands. We understand that all businesses are different, and that’s why our Managed Security Services are designed with flexibility in mind. Our expert team have the skills to assess alerts, remediate problems and update security device policies swiftly to defend your business, all backed up by industry-leading SLAs. Whether we’re supporting managed services or single devices, you can rely on us to deliver the right people, process and technologies to ensure outstanding performance. Let us take care of time-consuming security management, so your Operations team is free to focus on new projects and deliver business benefits. Our solutions include:

Platform Managed Services – Providing efficient and trustworthy security platform management. Our management services help you elevate the capabilities of your security environment.

Security Defence – We help you proactively and continuously validate the security posture of your organisation. Gain usable intelligence about your environment so that you can address weaknesses in your security

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Incident Response & Recovery

A security breach is going to happen; its not a matter of if, but when. Our Incident Response and Recover services enhance your organisations capability to develop an effective response and recovery program. We have broad experience in threat intelligence, threat detection, investigation and response. We work to minimise the duration and impact of a breach. In time of emergency its all about speed and accuracy in execution. Our Incident Recovery Services give you access to the experience and technical expertise to accelerate incident detection and recovery. Our team can work with your in-house team on analysis and detection through containment, remediation and cleanup.

Incident Response – Improve readiness and response time in the event of a security breach

Incident Recovery – Elite Emergency Response Services to help you identify scope of a breach, purge the threat behind it and minimise its cost to your organisation.

Forensics – We help you gather information and evidence to pursue legal action after a breach. Get to the bottom of how your systems were penetrated and what was compromised.

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Professional Retainer Services

All organisations face the unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives. Our retainer services allows your business to partner with an experienced team of cybersecurity professionals.  Our solutions include:

Incident Recovery Retainer – Guarantee fast response and availability of our Incident Recovery and Investigation team to contain, mitigate and help you recover from a security breach.

CISO as a Service – Bridge the gap between the inability to pay the cost to hire a Chief Security Officer and the importance of having one.

Education and Training

We provide training services that address both the technical and human elements of your organisation to ensure you’re operating in a secure environment. Our education and training courses are distinct and designed to maximise employee security awareness, behaviour and culture. Our programs are tailored to your risk exposure profile and your specific security needs. Our training programs are built by security consultants with decades of experience in information security, our knowledge set us apart. Our solutions include:

Security Awareness Training – Hackers execute attack strategies that exploit human vulnerabilities. Focus on improving the human factor with security awareness training.

Security Defender Training – We show you how to defend against cyber attacks of all levels of sophistication, up to and including APTs.

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Our People

To solve complex cybersecurity problems requires unique skill sets. Their is a direct relationship between our ability to achieve excellence and the overall caliber of our team. As a result we actively search for those that share a passion for security and technical excellence with the intensity and grit that are catalysts for delivery to our clients.

However, just as important as our teams technical chops is our ability to communicate to our clients in a clear and understandable way. Its essential that we can find bugs, breach systems and own networks, but also explain to our clients how it was done in order for the right fixes to be made.


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Working with Logic Bounce was a great experience. They were very quick to respond with quotes, very thorough in their testing procedures, and very accommodating to our schedule limits and tight deadlines. Looking forward to working with them again.

Logic Bounce Security’s approach was very professional, to the point and comprised of in-depth analysis of the security vulnerabilities, which was greatly beneficial to us.

I was very happy with the team, everyone was professional. Their services met and even exceed our expectations.

Very creative exploitation, excellent communication throughout the project, very thorough testing, and useful, detailed reporting. This was the most successful penetration test we’ve ever had!

Logic Bounce was fantastic to work with, and we really appreciate your professionalism and capabilities.

One of the things that really sets Logic Bounce Security apart is the consideration of the broader enterprise requirements.  Their team provide excellent guidance to our internal teams.

Very skilled, professional, and detail oriented. Did a great job explaining results and the process to create the results, which was extremely helpful

Logic Bounce has been flexible, fast, and easy to work with.