Flexible Engagement

Strategic to tactical experience and expertise available to assist your organisation

Drive Intelligence

Build technical and security intelligence throughout the organisation

Mature Security

Accelerate your security initiatives to take you beyond the basics

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk by implementing controls sooner and responding to threats quicker

Security Defence

The sophistication and malicious intent of security threats has been increasing. Without proper planning and investment, organisations may find themselves vulnerable to attack. Gain usable intelligence about your environment so that you can address weaknesses in your security.

Business Value

  • Gain usable intelligence about your environment
  • Identify exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Simulate breach methods across entire kill chain
  • Continually validate security controls
  • Triage of security events to deliver actionable findings
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Customised programs to your specific environment

Service Detail

Our Security Defence Managed Service gives you confidence that your critical assets are secured against increasingly sophisticated and malicious attacks.


We provide foundational security services such as vulnerability scanning as well as a next-generation offensive breach simulation platform to provide immediate value and assessment of your security posture.


We provide:

  • Reduced complexity – save time and money and reduce administrative burden
  • Contextual Analysis – we offer enriched intelligence rather than just data points
  • Modular & Scalable – your business never stands still, our services will support you business now and into the future


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Our Security Defence Services

Vulnerabilities emerge daily within networks, web applications and databases due to software defects or system misconfigurations. To defend your critical assets, its essential to identify and respond to security vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can find and exploit them. However, all too often traditional vulnerability scans just inundate already overstretched security teams with reports that are too granular or non-specific to be actionable.


Our Vulnerability Scanning service doesn’t overwhelm you with information on every possible vulnerability. Alongside our market-leading scanning engines, we have a team of full-time, highly trained and experienced analysts dedicated to exposing and prioritising the most relevant security gaps in the context of your business and wider threat landscape. We intelligently analyse and correlate the outputs from our scanning tools with open source information about the current security status of vulnerabilities, providing your business actionable, prioritised intelligence on the risks that matter and clear guidance on how to remediate them.

Our Offensive Security Validation service helps your organisation understand the type of cybersecurity target you represent without impacting users or infrastructure.

We help you:

  • Quantify breach impact by simulating breach methods across the entire kill chain. We provide definitive proof of whether your security products are deployed correctly and if they are able to withstand an attack.
  • Continuously validating security controls. We provide the capability to not only validate your controls but your assumptions around your security controls thus providing a continual assessment of your cybersecurity posture.
  • Optimise the efficiencies of your security team by showing them how threat intelligence indicators of compromise play out in your environment in a proactive and practical manner.