Flexible Engagement

Strategic to tactical experience and expertise available to assist your organisation

Drive Intelligence

Build technical and security intelligence throughout the organisation

Mature Security

Accelerate your security initiatives to take you beyond the basics

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk by implementing controls sooner and responding to threats quicker

Professional Retainer Services

All organisations face the unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives. Our retainer services allows your business to partner with an experienced team of cybersecurity professionals. Upon execution of a retainer agreement, we effectively become an extension of your team. Allowing you to free up internal staff to refocus on other critical business imperatives and projects.

Our Capabilities

We provide independent, expert and unbiased advise on risk, compliance, incident response and security frameworks. We can help you:

  • Support organisational digital transformation

  • Former CISOs provide guidance and best practice to the executive team

  • Eliminate costly delays with pre-arranged contracts.

  • Bespoke services based on your own information security needs

  • Minimise duration and impact of a security breach

  • Guaranteed availability of consultants during crisis

  • Access to your own virtual cybersecurity team – allowing you to draw on all the threat intelligence expertise at Logic Bounce

  • Coordination of breach and incident investigations

Our Services

Guarantee fast response and availability of our Incident Recovery and Investigation team to contain, mitigate and help you recover from a security breach.

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Bridge the gap between the inability to pay the cost to hire a Chief Security Officer and the importance of having one.

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