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Logic Bounce® is a global cybersecurity consulting company that has a singular focus on protecting clients and maximising the value they receive from their investments in security. Our Threat Defence Platform® offers an innovative approach to help companies assess, advise, design, build and operate successful cybersecurity programs and operations. We help you learn about and build the processes, technology and people to secure your products, infrastructure and services, reducing risk and protecting customer data and privacy. We understand how to secure embedded devices, wireless communication protocols, web and mobile applications, back-end services, APIs, cloud platforms, and their connected environments. We secure the relationships between People, Things and Services.

In a rapidly changing technology landscape, innovation is essential and we believe passionately that the surest way to run out of new ideas is to hold too tightly onto old ones. Research and continuous improvement are at the heart of what we do. However, our motivation for research is not to just about generating press coverage, but to improve security for all. Much of that research value can be seen during engagements, through our proprietary methodologies, industry leading toolsets, and comprehensive deliverables.

“Logic Bounce”

Logic (noun) A branch of philosophy and mathematics that deals with the formal principles, methods and criteria of validity of inference, reasoning and knowledge

Bounce (verb)a sudden spring or leap forward

Our Mission

Build a secure community through innovative research, knowledge sharing and technical contributions

Our Core Values

We develop a comprehensive understanding of our clients business

We work closely with our client to develop a comprehensive understanding of their strategic and business needs. Our cybersecurity services empower our clients to embrace digital transformation.

25% of our consultants time is devoted to research

Research powers everything we do. Every consultant devotes 25% of their time to security research. This investment ensures that not only are our consultants at the bleeding edge of security but they can leverage this knowledge to provide our clients a unique perspective on the threats they face.

Open, honest, diligent and respectful with everybody

Finding the skills to defend against the most advanced threats organisations face is very difficult. We help organisations enhance and extend the capabilities of their in-house teams through our managed cybersecurity and education/training services.
We provide platform management, vulnerability scanning, offensive security validation, incident recovery and CISO retainer services through our managed cybersecurity services. We offer security training targeted at improving the human factor via security awareness training and deep technical training that shows your operations team how to defend against advanced cyber attacks.

We are driven to surpass what has already been achieved

We measure, monitor, analyse and improve productivity, processes and ourselves to satisfy clients. We work with enthusiasm and intellect and are driven to surpass what has already been achieved. We are not afraid to stand alone.

Quality of execution is inherent in everything we do

Execution is everything at Logic Bounce. Doing things at less than 100% is not us. But flawless execution is a team sport. Focused communication is essential between the client and between our teams. This quality of execution is inherent in everything we do and communicate.

We answer only to our clients

We only answer to our clients. We are a privately held corporation profitable since inception with no outside stakeholders to influence our advice.

We love what we do and embrace the challenges

Passion trumps experience and education; embrace the problems you have never encountered before

Act and Engage

Act and engage with your team and clients. Be orientated towards action. Do not wait to be directed. Take initiative

Leave footprints that others follow

We believe that the surest way to run out of new ideas is to hold too tightly onto old ones. We are driven to explore the path less traveled and to leave footprints for others to follow. Have impact on the security of our communities

Our Vacancies

To solve complex security problems requires unique skill sets. Their is a direct relationship between our ability to achieve excellence and the overall caliber of our team. As a result we actively search for those that share a passion for security and technical excellence with the intensity and grit that are catalysts for delivery to our clients.

However, just as important as our teams technical chops is our ability to communicate to our clients in a clear and understandable way. Its essential that we can find bugs, breach systems and own networks, but also explain to our clients how it was done in order for the right fixes to be made.

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About Our Efforts Beyond the Workplace

Logic Bounce is committed to fuelling digital transformation for our clients, but we also believe it is our responsibility as a corporation to fuel global transformation by investing  in advocacy projects worldwide. For us, corporate social responsibility is something that we take pride in and its essential to our success. Through global and local initiatives, Logic Bounce contributes, volunteers, and raises awareness for projects important to us.