Deep Expertise

Deep security expertise, we understand attackers and how defend against them

Risk Prioritised

Risk-based objective evaluation of your controls, procedures and goals

Actionable Intelligence

Develop actionable insight and plans to guide your business

Security Testing

We deliver bespoke Security Testing engagements that deliver measurable improvements to security. Today’s organisations face a myriad of cyber threats and must also demonstrate compliance for market specific and general standards. We work with clients to help them move beyond traditional security vulnerabilities and recommendations. We deliver intelligence-led Attack Simulations that assess the capacity of those responding to varying threats.

Our Capabilities

Our team of information security researchers can provide answers and solutions to the most difficult security challenges. We take a multifaceted approach to threat and vulnerability analysis and have a broad skill set.

We can:

  • Discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses across all types of devices
  • Test elements from a single line of code to large distributed systems
  • Access custom code analysis and reverse software engineering
  • Determine the feasibility of potential attacks vectors
  • Provide evidence to support budget requests for security programs or investment
  • Assess the combination of system flaws and human factors to identify and quantify risk
  • Uncover higher-risk vulnerabilities resulting form exploitation of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a particular sequence
  • Develop effective controls and solutions for security flaws
  • Create secure development lifecycle (SDLC) programs and processes
  • Communicate the risks of high-business impact vulnerabilities and high-likelihood threats
  • Identify vulnerabilities that scanning software miss
  • Quantify the operational impact and business risks resulting form successful attacks

Our Services

Identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities in your system. Using tools, we find weaknesses, evaluate the severity and recommend mitigation.

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We deliver bespoke threat and security testing engagements that deliver measurable improvements to security.

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Mimic the tactics, techniques and procedures of threat actors to measure the capacity to protect, detect and respond.

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